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(film storyboard & reality)

The Plaza Tower Matrix & Bank of America storyline will replace the Black Robes title. In 2015, eight years of scorched earth $70 million litigation since 2007 and counting have impacted, detoured, stalled and roadblocked Southern Author TJ's works. This ongoing legal epic drama and multiple courtroom battle showdowns are detailed and profiled on the PR News Channel: TJ Fisher.

An unbelievable yet real-life Technicolor saga.

What kind of person gets sued for $60 million by an ex-pro football player who obtained a $33.3 million default judgment? Who chins up after losing everything from the manse, even clothes and shoes, to breathe deep and tell the story? Who navigates epic adversity and blue ruin to battle Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) to recoup losses? Someone interesting. Resilient Southern author TJ Fisher.


TJ Fisher in New Orleans.

Now the real-life legal drama Black Robes of Injustice: $33.3M Shakedown and The Pigskin Mouth of Greed, an initial storyline, is enfolded into the larger, sweeping in-progress story entitled The Plaza Tower Matrix & Bank of America.

Fisher says South Florida and southeastern Louisiana are each rich in scandal and socialites, masquerade and moguls, secrets and rumors, revenge and enemies. Tiaras and crowned kings and queens. Fistfights and feuds, headdress and black-tie, cocktails and diamonds, big money and conspiracy and intrigue are as common as seersucker suits and fizzy tipple. Babylon rolling. Scandals roll in regularly, like the tides and hurricanes.

On paper, a lifeless tangled-twist trail of Louisiana LLCs weave the spectacularly cobwebby Fisher-McCrary-BofA tale, but the real players that anchor the Byzantine legal-drama saga is its out-sized larger-than-life colorful characters.


Occasionally referred to as a "socialite," pink Cadillac-driving Fisher's dramatic tale and unusual legal odyssey includes some colorful elements: New Orleans, ex-Baltimore Ravens defensive end Michael McCrary, Hurricane Katrina and Louisiana's third tallest building, the Plaza Tower. Fisher's unlikely but dramatic legal saga spans from Palm Beach to New Orleans, the two colorful towns that flamboyant Fisher has longtime called ?home.?

Fisher says she can never return to the person she was at the onset of McCrary suing her. The behind-the-eight-ball untenable situation she was thrust into? "Change is a natural part of life," she says. "Nobody's life or circumstances remain forever flat, no matter what, it's a part of the human condition and survival."

Fisher's case against Bank of America lays out a map to document a compelling case of how Big Bank banking account irregularities and unauthorized transactions snared her into the devastating McCrary legal quagmire, with no way out. McCrary's Baltimore, Marilyn case and default judgment against her - where she and legal counsel were draconically precluded from speaking or participating in the judicial process ? spawned legal proceedings in 14 separate state, federal and appellate courts in Maryland, Louisiana, Florida and Washington, DC, including filings before the United States Supreme Court. At one point Fisher's Bourbon Street house and personal possessions were seized in 2009. Then she filed suit to bring bank royalty Bank of America to task, for their negligence and liability in improperly opening pivotal bank accounts.


The jaw-dropping backstory of how she came to sue Bank of America? Fisher's story begins with her spouse and his former partner who spearheaded the New Orleans real estate development deal that involved ex-NFL Ravens Michael McCrary and their jointly owned LLCs, with respect to Louisiana's third tallest building, the Plaza Tower. The soured partnership of the three men led to high-profile bad blood and infighting over post-Hurricane Katrina insurance proceeds control, with McCrary successfully filing Baltimore, Maryland "home court" litigation. Fisher was later snared into the out-of-state litigation and defaulted.

"It's a toxic web of vicious litigation, infighting, greed and an unlikely host of opponents at odds after Hurricane Katrina's fallout revealed ugly gnashes and sordid underbellies," she explains.

The improper financial dealings and bank accounts set up by the bank's Palm Beach Vice-President and Branch Manager Peter Kafouros and Fisher's husband are the heart and underbelly of Fisher's Bank of America lawsuit. After Bank of America opened a Florida business account for Fisher's spouse with improper LLC verification, McCrary sued Fisher. The Raven successfully noosed Fisher into his $60 million litigation against her husband in Baltimore and defaulted her for $33.3 million. Fisher lost everything.


"I'll tell my nightmare story and let the jury decide," says Fisher. "I believe people will be interested in the pivotal eye-pop saga of how Wall Street banking royalty broke all the rules to create an American horror story."

People like scandalous legal thrillers and highfliers who crash and fall from grace stories, the once prominent but still feisty Fisher insists. "Those who get crushed to ash and dust, and survive, interest us, but only if they keep going and there's a good ending." rallying against bullies who prey on the weak is in my DNA," Fisher insists, with conviction. "I don't give up, I don't back down. I'm stronger than I know."

There are no coincidences in life, Fisher believes. She also adds that the truth as a righteous weapon and stone hurled from a slingshot can hit a giant in the center of his forehead and defeat him, despite his armor and shield.

In 2015, continuing to bounce back from the grueling litigation like a spirited blonde-redheaded scribe, part-Lucille Ball and part-Bozo the Clown Bop Bag punching toy, Fisher is still fighting. "What doesn't kill you does make you stronger," she says. "If you pull yourself up from the ashes."

Big Banks spend $51 million a day in legal defense.

Comments about TJ's unique video exposé, an installment series about the ?$60 million dollar woman??up close and intimate look behind the walls and gates...beneath the royal palms and coconut trees... The saga! The story continues. Installment by installment, the pieces unfolding. Beyond the closed doors. Hidden history behind the headlines. Past, present and future. TJ Fisher and ex-football player McCrary $60M litigation?McCrary's $33.3M default judgment against her?and her $70M lawsuit against BofA. Whole picture. The carnage of $60M and $70M lawsuits. Told in sequenced videos.

"So beautiful and quirky. Watched some of your videos. They are so so funny, clever, witty, hilarious, entertaining, classy, comical, side-splitting, and well done. I admire you ? SO MUCH ? for hanging in there, TJ! You're doing this for all of us. They're counting on you getting tired of the fight ? throwing your hands up ? and crying uncle. They obviously don't know who they're dealing with. I can't imagine how hard this is, but you GO GIRL. PowerGirl, rock the courtroom. GO-GO-GO!!! It was like you were speaking to me. You will slay BOA on the witness stand. Wow. You make me laugh and cry. Love the dogs...the attacking plants and the porta potty. You could do a whole reality show. This is the best installment of them all. I was riveted...and I know the story. This is golden, meaty and full of impact. Perfect for a reality show...because it is real. LOVE THIS!!! The whole Palm Beach thing with the Grey Gardens subtext is exquisite. Bowled over!!!!!! Grey Gardens + Blue Jasmine + Survivor + Wall Street + legal thriller. You are a true survivor! I admire you for your tenacity, and the ability to keep a smile on your face throughout the battle. Really captures that whimsical and upbeat soul of yours! You're one of kind, TJ, truly. Onward and upward! ..."losing everything" with the aspect of maintaining an indomitable smile, through all the pains and suffering. Very well made and funny. You are such a HOOT! You ARE an inspiration ... just like others have said.You SO ROCK! LOVE you! Amazing! So honest. So calm. So real. Poised. Felt every word you said. Conversational. Felt like you were talking to me. Inspirational. Emotional. Spot on. Riveting. Great "presence". Well told. Honesty and pathos. LOVE! Great!!!! Resilient. Testament to your strength. Eloquent. Well spoken. Captivating. Great screen presence. Unbelievable. Phew. What a saga. Soulful. Absolutely incredible. Very profound. Cried. Speechless. So strong. You go, girl! Jaw-dropper. Wowza. Bright shining light spirit. Feisty. Filled with emotion. So much there. Intense stuff. Intrigued. You do know the story by heart (and soul). You can hold an audience. You stand front and center. Want to hug you. You have a beautiful soul. Love how you express yourself. Testimony to your resiliency. Still smiling. Difficult to do what you have done on camera. This would make a riveting movie. It's got everything. Developer wars, [Hurricane] Katrina, ghosts, football, lawsuits. Will never stop praying for you. Go TJ. A Magnum Opus that defines your resilient spirit. There's nothing ordinary in this tell-all tale. it immediately leaps over the barrier into the extraordinary and then sprints into the supernatural. And this is only beginning! In a pink-washed World Without End, you remain grounded and not guarded. Mazel Tov. Magnificent truth telling. TJ blazes her 60 million dollar exposé trail. Way past time for the Truth with a capital T! Glad to see someone getting the truth out there. Very proud of you, girlfriend. You have renewed my courage in hearing about your encounters and ordeals. Keep on keeping on."


This work encompasses sections on Michael Samuel, TJ Fisher?s longtime (now ex) partner in the redevelopment of New Orleans? waterfront.


Breaking news alert! Author TJ Fisher has not completed the unpublished manuscript. Check back for updates!

Announcement: The PLAZA TOWER MATRIX & BofA storyline will replace this title.

Black Robes of Injustice

TJ Fisher

1st edition
256 pp. 9.25 x 7.25 in
Total weight of 1.7 lbs
Hardcover; elegant 3-piece case
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Front cover design: Skip Bolen

Black Robes of Injustice: $33.3M Shakedown and the Pigskin Mouth of Greed

A shocking real-life legal drama ? by TJ Fisher:

"This crisis of confidence in the judiciary is real and growing … Left unaddressed, the perception that justice is for sale will undermine the rule of law that the courts are supposed to uphold."
— Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

"The American legal system has been corrupted almost beyond recognition." — Chief Judge of the Fifth Circuit Edith Jones ... The judge also quotes George Washington who asked in his Farewell Address, "Where is the security for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the oaths in courts of justice?"

(Ex-Baltimore Ravens Michael McCrary v. TJ Fisher et al)

A shocking real-life legal drama ? by TJ Fisher


"Is Baltimore the most corrupt city in America?" asks The Baltimore Sun. YES!

Disclaimer: Information presented on TJ Fisher's Black Robes of Injustice: $33M Shakedown and the Pigskin Mouth of Greed and The Plaza Tower Matrix and Bank of America.

Black Robes of Injustice: $33.3M Shakedown and the Pigskin Mouth of Greed

(Ex-Baltimore Ravens Michael McCrary v. TJ Fisher et al)

A shocking real-life legal drama ? by TJ Fisher

Silenced! Gagged! Muffled!
Railroaded! Trod upon! But yet the truth be told!
Does a lie left unchallenged become the truth? NO!
Does a lie told often enough become the truth? NO!
A story of greed, posing, revenge, dishonor and injustice!

Fraud upon the court · malice · concealment · deceit · violations of oath · judicial machinery · impartial tribunal · Lady Justice noosed · weighted scales · constitutional trampling · fraudulent allegations · ill practices · no letter of law · abuse of power · sham conclusions · predetermined outcome · slanted gavel · bad faith · justice rewritten · tampering with justice · deliberate fabrications · predatory, scorched-earth tactics · lack of due process · concealment and omissions · cunning fact reversal · lies · pathological destructiveness · trickery · influence · special drawers · courthouse psychodrama · reverse racism · abuse of discretion · secret chambers · corruption · prejudice · no jury · bias · secret courthouse co-conspiracies · tainted evidentiary rulings · campaign of judicial devices · threats of extortion · smear operation · breach of justice · blackmail strategies · contravene of law · courtroom charade · psychodrama of deception · ex parte shenanigans · fake pleadings · trial-court misconduct · rubber-stamped motions · drumhead court procedures · draconian takedown · chaos in the legal system · frauds put forth in the courts · home-cooking · preordained verdict · legal terrorism · no record · $60M lawsuit · silenced · defaulted · ethical violations · ultimate legal abuse · betrayal and fraud · silence of scams · abuse of power and authority · spiral of silence · failure of ethics of law · collective tide the grid-iron "game" · gatekeepers of injustice · exploitation in the court · frauds put forth by the courts · profound lack of accountability in the court · politically and profit-driven court system · dance of domination · America's broken lawsuit system · tainted justice · behind closed doors · corrupt lawyers · courtroom of disrepute · backhanded chamber deals · make-believe legal doctrine · gaming the system · perverted justice · judicial immunity · kangaroo court · power-based predators · conscienceless · perjury · judicial and bureaucratic malevolence · indifference to and suppression of the truth · power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely! · vice-like grip of a corrupt "legal system" · dysfunctional court · courtroom smoke and mirrors with impunity · smear tactics · shakedown artists · deception and manipulation · legal racketeers · above-board thugs · the law of predatory privilege ·
designed to deceive · the operation and function of legal terror · SHUSH!

If you have suffered legal, courtroom and judicial abuse and injustice ? whether it be in a protracted divorce proceeding, child custody case, personal injury, probate matters, medical malpractice, civil litigation or criminal court ? you are not alone. Speak out! Tell your story! Join a group! Take charge! Become your own advocate! This is a time of injustice due to ethical violations, legal abuses, court dysfunction, outlaw officers of the court and fraud on the court. No fraud is more odious than an attempt to subvert the administration of justice! What do we do about it? Fight as hard as you can, with the knowledge you may fail. You may never have your day in court. You may be silenced without a say. You may never know justice or receive a fair, equitable outcome of your case. The underlying reality of judicial misconduct, impropriety, corruption, extreme bias, toxic secrets, incompetence, disregard for the law, insider cronyism and politicalties crisscrosses all levels. That does not mean all judges are bad, and unethical ? not even in Baltimore.

Recommended reading for victims of the court includes the groundbreaking work by Karin Huffer, M.S./M.F.T:

Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome
Legal Abuse Syndrome ? PTSD


Disclaimer: Information presented on TJ Fisher's Black Robes of Injustice: $33M Shakedown and the Pigskin Mouth of Greed page(s) represent author/creator TJ Fisher's definitive, distinctive and creative viewpoint, vision, depiction and opinion — not that of any wholly separate person, publicist, publisher or publishing house; dramatic adaptation producer or production company; and/or copyright, trademark, franchise holder(s).


Fisher is no stranger to controversy. Fisher is known for her never back down/take no prisoners attitude of not turning the other cheek when confronting bullies; she has a history of splashy run-ins, lawsuits and catfights with neighbors and business associates.

In 2007 ex-NFL Raven football player Michael McCrary added Fisher to a lawsuit aimed at her husband and others for $60 million. The Circuit Court for Baltimore City civil litigation concerned a hurricane-derailed New Orleans real estate venture at the New Orleans landmark (Crescent City Towers) Plaza Tower site. McCrary's case targeted a tangle of Louisiana limited liability companies. The soured real estate and development investment deal netted McCrary and a web of partnerships millions of dollars in post-Katrina profits within a few months. McCrary reaped $2,384,639 in profits and the return of his $3,550,000 capital investment.

McCrary's initial civil-action complaint spawned Fisher/McCrary court-case proceedings in 13 separate, federal and appellate courts in Maryland, Louisiana, Florida and Washington, DC. McCrary's suit was spearheaded by super-litigator William H. "Billy" Murphy, Jr., noted for multimillion- and multibillion-dollar lawsuits and high-stakes litigation. His flamboyant racial discrimination suits and eight-figure settlements garner high-profile publicity. He is a second-generation African-American Baltimore circuit court judge.[40] Murphy is notorious for regularly obtaining $30 million, $50 million and $272 million trial-court award verdicts and settlements in his home court, Baltimore City. Baltimore is known as one of America?s most corrupt cities and the site of huge lawsuit judicial jackpot wins.

Fisher dubbed McCrary's lawsuit a total fabrication by McCrary and his lawyers.

During the protracted court battle, a year after Fisher's husband sued McCrary, Fisher served a separate suit on McCrary and his attorney. Afterwards McCrary's attorneys sued two of Fisher's husband's attorneys. Those attorneys then in turn sued Fisher, McCrary and others. In a related claim McCrary filed action against Bank of America.

Post-NFL retirement, McCrary admitted to Percocet, Percodan, OxyContin, oxycodone, psychiatric medicine, methadone and fentanyl patch usage for chronic pain and depression; McCrary, who earned more than $16 million in signing bonuses alone, filed an NFL disability claim seeking $750 to $4000 per month in disability benefits.

In June 2008, a Baltimore courtroom rendered a $33.3-million-dollar default judgment against Fisher and others, in favor of McCrary. Precedent to the award, all defendants and their attorneys were precluded from speaking or participating in the damages hearing inquisition. Legal analysts cited U.S. Constitution and Due Process violations. Fisher's counsel, Richard Winelander, also represents spoon-bending psychic mystifier Uri Geller.

Fisher was unable to post a $33.3-million-dollar supersedeas bond to stay execution of McCrary's default judgment against her during the pendency of the appeal. Nearly a year after the trial court default, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals granted a stay against the judgment without a bond being posted.


See Special Property Seizure Note and Photos

In June 2009 the Maryland intermediate appellate court tossed out McCrary's $33.3-million-dollar default judgment against Fisher and others.

In further McCrary-related litigation proceedings, during his subsequent divorce drama in Baltimore County, Maryland, McCrary?s wife, Mary Haley, was granted a protective order against McCrary in March 2010. In domestic violence court pleadings sworn and entered before the judge, she called McCrary "increasingly violent, threatening and abusive" ? punching holes in walls, brandishing a loaded pistol and throwing a 45-pound barstool at her. She testified that due to his nightly "cocktail" concoction of a plethora of prescription drugs washed down with alcohol, she lived in terror of McCrary either shooting her in the back, turning the gun on himself or overdosing, with their 6-year-old daughter sleeping nearby. She said her child?s nanny also fears McCrary, as he owns and carries three handguns. According to Haley and other media reports, McCrary suffers from depression, anxiety, mental issues, failed rehab, is addicted to painkilling drugs and "smokes marijuana on a regular basis." His multiple business disputes and lawsuits dovetailed in the foreclosure of their marital home, and by Spring 2010 McCrary had accumulated approximately $3 million in bank judgments levied against him, that plus a garnishment of his wages. McCrary's Baltimore attorney "Judge" Murphy, a longtime lawyer of choice for accused drug dealers, previously faced his own domestic assault issues with respect to wife-beating charges, when his wife was reportedly "badly beaten by (Mr. Murphy) and was bleeding."

During extended 2010 Baltimore court proceedings against [defaulted defendants] Fisher and others, McCrary faced his first cross-examination questioning in four years of civil litigation. He failed to remember catastrophic Hurricane Katrina details or New Orleans post-storm devastation. The judge chided McCrary's attorney for repeated attempts to "testify" for him and his "spotty memory" (via leading questions). The ex-NFL player ? with a chronic history of drug dependence on mind-altering narcotic compounds, psychiatrist pharmaceuticals and opiates ? sat in the courtroom and thumbed through computer and gaming magazines.

The Supreme Court of the United States first took notice of sole-practitioner Winelander's Writ of Certiorari Petition [for Petitioners Fisher, et al] on August 20 of 2010, when the High Court Office of the Clerk William K. Suter handed down a request that Murphy [for Respondees McCrary, et al] file a response in the case.

Bank of America

In 2011 Fisher sued BofA with a stunning multi-million-dollar filing against the banking giant. In court papers filed in West Palm Beach, Florida, TJ Fisher alleged banking irregularities and improprieties caused a domino effect that ultimately led Baltimore Ravens' Michael McCrary to file the $60-million Baltimore lawsuit against her in 2007. "I've been silent for too long," swore Fisher, "no more. There's a story to tell that rocks 'conspiracy' theories, litigation and banking practices." She added, "I was never McCrary's partner or associate." Former police officer and Roy Black protégé, Florida attorney Timothy W. Schulz emerged as lead counsel of an international legal team, joined by Hollywood's "The Maharaja of Media", entertainment law guru Russell Smith and his global legal support firm. Fisher's longtime Baltimore attorney Richard Winelander, and New Orleans legal counsel, Al M. Thompson, Jr., joined Schulz's legal team. Publicist Glenn Selig, Rod R. Blagojevich's publicist, released news of Fisher's BofA action. News headlines"Author and New Orleans Icon TJ Fisher Sues Bank of America" spread across internet media company, privacy assist log-in and social networking websites. Press coverage about Fisher's $70-million lawsuit against BofA dubbed the Southern writer a "Palm Beach socialite" and "New Orleans chronicler."

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