TJ Fisher in Miami, Florida.

"All of my works are dedicated to the memory and the stories of the people and the history of New Orleans — past, present and future — in particular to the beloved families, friends, pets, homes and dreams ravished and forever lost to Katrina, as well as to that which has survived reborn; to the celebration of triumph over sorrow, the defeat of dark days; and to my soul-mate, the one whom I loved long before I ever knew him and who rescued me from peril. Although we shall miss what is gone and is no more, the unyielding fingerprints of time that lie heavy upon our hearts, we hold fast to what we have left, in the here and now. Our laughter shall overcome our tears." — TJ Fisher


"New Orleans remains a city of magical thinking, looking to upright, reclaim and recover the broken parts of itself upon the wings of hope. We believe in tomorrow, yesterday and today; may our faith and fate collide and dovetail as one. We shall remember always. Beauty here is born of three hundred years of wisdom and experience, collapse and revival, laughter and grief. No matter how unforgiving the wilderness, or deep the well of darkness, New Orleanians, like those who came before, now persevere and look for the eternal light, rebirth and renaissance of the city we love." — TJ Fisher