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Breaking news alert! Author TJ Fisher has not completed the unpublished manuscript (for the basis of the series). Check back for updates!


Pearly Gates author TJ Fisher in Florida.


The Pearly Gates of Purgatory Series


TJ Fisher
The Pearly Gates of Purgatory Series
(Sam Schaffer Notebooks)
Cover and book design: Jedd Haas
Multi-book franchise, in the works
Installment reading and sequels
Volume One - Baby Doll Gombo
Volume Two - Gold Dust Cement
Volume Three - Flambeau
Volume Four - Peristyle
Volume Five - Mascarade
Volume Six - Société
Volume Seven - Procession
A "memoir-graphy" narrative
A chronicle of The Big 80s
A Samara Schaffer saga
A major cinematic event

The Pearly Gates of Purgatory Promenade Series
(Sam Schaffer Notebooks)


Gold Cement Dust, The Jar of Mirrors, Dreaming in Chalk, Mockingbirds and Sandmen, Vanquish the Wind,
Twilight of the Unicorn, The Keeper of the Dust, Queen Maker's Alcove, To Silence a Raven,
Dancing into the Sun, Halls of Lacquer, Elysian Road,Underlings of the Sky, Lions at the Rainbow,
The Moth Cage, Portrait of a Firefly, Path to the Promenade, Land of Marbles, The Mettle of Clouds, Jester of Ash,
Gold Cement Dust, The Jar of Mirrors, Dreaming in Chalk, Mockingbirds and Sandmen, Vanquish the Wind,
Twilight of the Unicorn, The Keeper of the Dust, Queen Maker's Alcove, To Silence a Raven, Dancing into the Sun,
Halls of Lacquer, Elysian Road, Underlings of the Sky, Lions at the Rainbow, The Moth Cage, Portrait of a Firefly,
Path to the Promenade, Land of Marbles, The Mettle of Clouds, Jester of Ash, Starlight of Silver Tinsel,
Midnight Blue on the Horizon


A staggering work of storytelling, a stunning spiel — by TJ Fisher
Five-volume novel
Narrative-style account
Psychological suspense

Of muses and men
Of love, loss, lust, longing
Of money, madness, murder, mayhem
Of tasty mystery…who to believe…who to trust…
Of suspect stories, great privilege, thick deception, ugly secrets
Of cleverly molded players in a melodrama
Of social satire and dark humor


Pearly Gates back cover


I never wanted to be a millionaire, just live like one

Flambeau, Peristyle, Mascarade, Societe and Procession

The Pearly Gates of Purgatory Promenade Series is a compulsive read. A dark tale of twisted love, lust, obsession, debauchery and treachery — a potent psychological mind-boggler set amid the grit and glamour of New Orleans, Dallas and Palm Beach. Outrageous. Emotional. Twister.

Dark and addictive. Concentric-circle spiderweb storytelling at its best. Inside-out writing spills an "Americana" underbelly of sociopathic characters, the Cinderella-highflier-tycoon lifestyle and oh-so-shocking consequences.

A serious literary endeavor for mass entertainment, the twisted tale reinvents the art of (non-supernatural) Southern Gothic storytelling, confessional poetry and stream of consciousness writing. The jarring saga is a riveting "insider" depiction of self-destructing, eccentric, hardboiled, satirical people capable of most anything. Their love manifests itself in harrowing escapades, noir, wealth, crime, sex, religion, madness and wanton acts of cruelty. It is the deepest kind of truth — the kind of truth that only fiction can tell.

In life, there is fate, tragedy and love, gravitas and froth.


From page one the narrator grabs hold of your hand and squeezes. Snared, you're deep inside her head, behind her eyes, underneath her skin. She yanks you into her steamy escapades, her bizarre, tangled web. There is no escape from the madness, mayhem, mystery, misery, mirth and more, that rains down on you. But who could not want more?

Hooked, there is no turning back. The suffocating, beautiful layers of anguish and joy that pair together as twin faces in the mirror keep peeling away yet there's always more, teasing and tantalizing. We reach for the evasive yet highly addictive sunken treasure of love, money, safety and happiness; all so close, so far, just heartache, a fingertip, a million miles away. Often it chases after us, nipping at our heels like the hounds of hell while we pursue distant horizons. We all search for Eden and the vanishing light.

5Pearly 6Pearly

Pearly Gates Author TJ Fisher in Palm Beach, Florida.


Cunning, charming characters run as fast and hard as they can trying to fulfill perverse thirsts that cannot be quenched, seeking to fulfill depraved hungers that cannot be satisfied. Unnamed psychological mind games and rot reign supreme. Unleashed, pent-up fear, horror, rage and smoldering secrets run rampant. Double-dealing is the rule of thumb. Deception and seduction walk hand-in-hand.

For those possessed and tortured by the fire within ― by a troubled past of poverty, riches, manipulation, strength, weakness, goodwill, temptation, black humor ― surrender and deep scars intertwine as one.

Those who have known pain know how to inflict it. Others choose to believe in fairytales, love and the power of redemption no matter how sordid the nightmare. It tingles. It burns. It saturates. It consumes. Is there such a thing as being trapped in holy hell? ― a place where inner demons dance with guardian angels?


Swept into a vortex of liquid fire that, remarkably, feels good to the touch, no one escapes the explosive passion, pleasure, hate, hope, trust, greed, deceit, revenge, sacrifice and betrayal deep in the abyss.

Samara Schaffer, Dr. Tom Wiley and their cohorts in crime, in craziness, in passion smash through all barriers to hold you hostage on the ride of your life, taking you to a point of no return.

A first-person story told in a thrilling voice of originality, Sam's engaging voice is laced with satire, dark-tinged humor and wit. Once she slams into your life and takes command of your world, you will never forget her; neither her story nor her triumphs and sorrows, ever.

What you choose to believe or not is up to you.

Dissolute light and darkness lurk just beyond The Pearly Gates of Purgatory Series. On a spine-tingling journey into gripping consequences, who's to say what is real? What happened or not? What is, or was, make believe?



Palm Beach, Dallas, New Orleans

Pearly Gates People

Deep, dark, mysterious secrets and lies, shimmering in the sun, lurking in the shadows, camouflage the rot that hides behind the gloss, revealing that nothing is as it seems, ever.

There is evil in the world. Deadly. Relentless. Silent. Provocative. Alluring. Irresistible. Indeed evil has many masks, many charms, many poisons. Mix and melt the faces of evil together. Evil spun in silk like a spider's cache is spellbindingly bewitching; the spoils divine and delicious but deceitful and deathly, too; for once that invisible shroud coils around you sneakily draping your heart, body and soul in its luscious webs of silky-soft poison, you'll be ensnared; hopefully, faster than you think, with no way out. In fact, you might plunge into the depths of murky madness, a place from which there is no return.

Lust, love, lies, hate and greed help the world spin on its axis. Though there is no evil without some good in it, there is also no good without evil in it, beware! Never trust your heart to a carnivore. Never lace fingers with a fiend in human shape. Never let a psychotic master charmer of the soul stake claim on your psyche. Because once you embrace a flame-eyed devil in disguise, once you climb aboard a runaway roller coaster madly careening through a house of smoke and mirrors, you can't just stop the ride and get off. Absolutely not. There is nothing you can do but keep riding, and screaming, and screaming. Until it crashes. And all you can hope is that you'll live to tell about it.

In life when lies become the truth, the truth becomes lies; reality becomes fantasy, fantasy becomes reality, evil feels good, good feels evil, and Heaven and Hell on earth fuse together, become one. How do you tell which is which? What is what? You don't. You can't. At least not before it's too late ― too late to save your sanity, your life, maybe your soul, too. Because sometimes the night is long, life is short. Actuality is an illusion. Nothing is as it seems. Fairytales are but thinly-disguised nightmares; and when all of these things come to pass you'll know you've crossed over into the darker regions of the cosmos. Then and only then will you come to suffer the agony, the thrills, the lies beyond the pearly gates of purgatory...


Pearly Gates author TJ Fisher at her home in Florida and at Palm Sunday church services.


A weighty psychodynamic cliffhanger ― a character-driven work of darkly disturbing love and interlocking fates ― the cinematic dramatization remains true to the same poisonous flavor and torrid pulse of the original novel series. Inside details of the explosive subject matter and chilling storyline continue to remain a closely guarded secret. No vampires, werewolf-free; an off-the-rails psychological inquiry and journey!

The Pearly Gates of Purgatory Series
portion received early recognition as a Pirate's Alley Faulkner Society
Faulkner-Wisdom short-list novel.


Faulkner Award Winner

The Pearly Gates of Purgatory Series
(Samara Schaffer Notebooks)

Book Review

DIANNE HARRIS, noted Australian and French Quarterite style-setter, fashion design maven and artist

Join Sam on the run, buckle-up and strap yourself in, for you're in for the most hilarious, unpredictable and sometimes dangerous time of your life.

Addictive, it is all I think about, every spare moment I have is spent feverishly reading the next chapter including staying up and reading under the covers with a mini flashlight till the wee hours of the morning. Books you can't put down.

Shrouded in mystery nothing is what it seems. When selling your soul seems the answer to your problems it can signal your further demise. Who can you trust?

A wild roller coaster ride smattered with wads of green dough, sugar daddies, convertibles, demons and cheap, sleazy hotels where unexpected triumphs are short lived, gains turn to losses and close calls are around every corner. A tantalizing mix of scintillating sexual tension, danger, wealth, fashion and cliffhangers. Your salvation could be just around the corner or was that your downfall?

Say goodnight to your husband as you join in with the twisted trials and tribulations of larger-than-life characters and the intriguing vivid life and times of Samara Viola Schaffer.


11 1 1


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TJ holding copies of The Pearly Gates of Purgatory

Author TJ Fisher pictured with her (unpublished and not-yet-for-sale literary work) prepublication
The Pearly Gates of Purgatory Series (Sam Schaffer Notebooks) triple-volume manuscript edition. "The intersection of fact and fiction! A story with intense moving parts, subplots and climaxes. The narrative goes to some dark and brutal places, captures the imagination. Smart and revengeful characters, fascinating emotional wreckages." — TJ Fisher

The Pearly Gates of Purgatory Series
(Samara Schaffer Notebooks)

Volume 1 - 5

Memoir Novels Auto Fiction Non Fiction Novels
Pearly Gates Pentalogy


"I love it. The finale is grand ... dramatic ... over the top ... matches the rest of the story ... the perfect 'glittering' ending ... I cried ... The hallmark of a good story is to engage the reader and make them love the hero/heroine — so readers will certainly have feelings for Sam ... it leaves the reader wondering ... 'somewhere in the darkness' ... who is still alive ... all a great note to stop on ... get it into the world's hands." — IRENE SINGLETARY, Publisher, Morgana Press

"Okay so call me a romanticist ... this is NOT a satisfying ending! I hoped Sam would finally have some long-term happiness!!! I cried ... emotionally involved with the characters." — JESSICA KEET, "The Proofreaders' Proofreader"

"SHIT-FIRE!!! JUST REALLY, TRULY, ABSOLUTELY A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! That is some mighty fine Southern writing, Miss TJ!!! CHEEEZITS!!! I was up all night and just could not stop reading it — scandalous!!! Deftly composed ... highbrow ... true fiction real-life 'diary' ... hinged on scandal and salacity, want and longing ... a fictionalized window into madness under the oaks ... masquerade under the palms ... and most of all, just so much fun to read!!!" — SKIP BOLEN, Southern photographer/documentriacist of iconic imagery and people

— LADY PRISCILLA, drag queen and female impersonator (click for translation of text message shorthand)


"High-concepts novels ... Dark and breezy. Hard knuckled and sharp elbowed, hidden in velvet gloves ... Shocker ... Utterly engaging. Every time the story appears to be gaining narrative momentum, it turns and twists surreal corners. Distinctive voice and stream-of-consciousness style of writing." — ROBIN RADAR BEANS, literary-cinematic adaptation focus group (moderator)

"Oh dear ... wow ... outrageous ... original voice ... colorful ... manipulative and dramatic ... intense ... Southern storyteller ... offbeat and quirky ... addictive ... oddly gripping sprawling tale ... seesaw confessional ... roman à clef? ... pop-culture ... dark fairy-tale ... film noir material married to a twisted chick-o-meter! ... Big questions ... the struggle of good and evil ... outcast comeback people ... Irreverent and idiosyncratic. A keen sense of the power of dark humor, satire and irony. Intelligent writing that is quirky, kicky, funny, edgy, naughty and noir ... roulette wheel ... with unexpected violence. A narrative saga that only TJ Fisher could pen. As with all great writers she leaves the ending up to us. Enthralling stunner ... sweeping epic of passion and revenge ... begs to be made into a TV miniseries or film trilogy. Tremendous passion and eloquence ... irreverent humor ... engaging, seamless spider-web story ... poison ping-pong ball juggling ... with an intimate core." — JANE LAWRENCE, literary-cinematic adaptation focus group

"I'll see you in court! ... I'm going to bury you!" — ANONYMOUS

[REPLY: "Anonymous? Hmmm...anonymous who? A socialite? Royalty? CEO? Celebrity? Heir? Heiress? Mafioso? Drug smuggler? Arms dealer? Headshrinker? Money launderer? Banker? Doctor? Murderer? Voodoo Queen? Priest? Pilot? Fortuneteller? G-man? Exotic entertainer? Wannabe? Someone who hopes, dreams and fears that he or she is a roman à clé character? In The Pearly Gates of Purgatory Series? Like colorful real-life secrets exposed? Behind a spiderwebby façade of fiction..? Pssst! back..." — TJ FISHER, author of The Pearly Gates of Purgatory Series]


"The Pearly Gates of Purgatory Series ... outrageous ... cliffhanger ... unpredictable turn of events ... epic on life in the fast lane ... eerily detailed ... curveball … impossible to put down ... well woven ... total immersion … be entertained ... voyage into the world of wealth ... controversy ... shocks the brain ... sucks into the whirlpool. TJ ... a flame-haired former American [of Irish descent] Rose of Tralee ... demonstrates the 'bodacious' spirit, resolve and temperament of Celtic 'Iron Age Warrior Queen' Boudica ... a celebrated, controversial and complex figure of unending interest." — DANNY O'FLAHERTY, Celtic singer, musician, storyteller and bard

"I love how you write. It's like having a conversation with you." — LISSY PEACE, literary and film publicist

"Fast paced. Soul searching. Poignant. Devilish. It helps to have an over-the-top hell-on-convertible-pink-Cadillac-wheels saucy redheaded author to develop an over-the-top character caught between heaven and hell. TJ is a great talent! ... The Pearly Gates of Purgatory ... both old-fashioned and modern qualities ... fast-paced action story ... more hard-boiled than romantic ... not short on plotting ... compare even Agatha Christie, John D. MacDonald ... as a character-driven work ... broad market ... popular fiction ... adult." — RON KENNER, award-winning book editor, author, columnist, journalist and former Los Angeles Times newsman

"Sexy, sultry, suspense that's going to appeal to independent women everywhere." — SUZY LAMORE, literary-cinematic adaptation focus group

"Big epic, dishy and glamorous work! Upscale immodesty! But a serious thriller, too! Better than scandal sheets or fleet-street! Cliffhanger of extremes ... to entertain, intrigue, scandalize ... dark emotion and hilarity ... a rollicking, disturbing ride! ... Humid being and duplicitous worlds ... knives in the air and hoodoo-voodoo! TJ Fisher's distinctive voice and story hinges on controversial, out-of-the-ordinary and provocative psychological conflict. Fascinating fly-on-the-wall look at elite–a-glamorous and ruthless lives where money, vengeance, torment and beauty rule. Big swaths of 'stream of consciousness' writing … highly emotional, quirky, cerebral, complex, and sometimes grotesque ... the dark side ... utterly strange and wonderful Theatre of the Absurd!"
— Tom Smith, writer

"Your writing is absolutely terrific." — STEVE TROHA, leading literary representative for Jackie Collins and other bestseller celebrity authors and pop-culture icons; former publicity director for St. Martin's Press

"OUTRAGEOUS!" — STEPHANIE AUSTIN, film and TV producer of breakout hits such as Terminator 2, Judgment Day and True Lies

Pearly Gates Author TJ Fisher in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Pearly Gates of Purgatory Series
(Samara Schaffer Notebooks)

TJ Fisher, author

"Hobnobbing with the rich and infamous." — DOMINICK DUNNE, celebrated novelist, chronicler, journalist and diarist

"Fisher is outrageous ... eccentric ... New Orleans." — GREG LANGLEY, THE BATON ROUGE ADVOCATE

"Exciting ... to the nth degree ... breaks the rules." — PAT BOOTH, British author of Palm Beach,
Beverly Hills, Malibu

TJ Fisher

"Swamp Empress" TJ Fisher and Lulabell.

The Pearly Gates of Purgatory Series
Pearly Gates of Purgatory quotes



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