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TJ Fisher; Skip Bolen photographer
1st edition
390 pp. 10.25 x 10.25 in
Total weight of 5.3 lbs
Hardcover; elegant 3-piece case
Gloss-varnished photo covers w/black cloth trim
370 color illustrations
Front cover design: Skip Bolen
Back cover design: Jedd Haas

Vieux Carré: The Art of Overindulgent Home Décor
A fascinating interior décor and sensuous stylebook — by TJ Fisher



Vieux Carré Chic is the trendsetting catch phrase tastemaker TJ Fisher coined for her remarkably inventive, audacious and splashy style of home décor. This bold approach to interior design stuns the imagination and staggers the senses. Inspired and influenced by a collection of original "wild-born" ideas spawned in the French Quarter, the trademark style celebrates the uncustomary excesses and eccentricities of living large and colorful, even in small spaces, with ultimate flamboyance and flair.

Paying tribute and homage to the French Quarter's compelling clash-of-culture imagery — its swirling collage of irresistible images and visions, vestiges and imaginings of things remembered, of past and present — Vieux Carré Chic remains fiercely loyal to its roots. To describe the French Quarter is to in essence describe Vieux Carré Chic: Bold. Startling. Paradoxical. Surreal. Excessive. Luxuriant. Dramatic. Complex. Unorthodox. Overripe. Passionate. Heartfelt. Overwrought. Unfettered. Unrestrained. Captivating. Spellbinding. Grandiose. Enigmatic. Whimsy, sophistication, glamour, charm and humor collide — as Old World connoisseur-level collectibles hold court with kitschy keepsakes.

Unquestionably, the unconventional design-style of Vieux Carré Chic is based on the unusual, the impossible, the improbable. Hundreds of color photographs reveal a mad hatter's mesmerizing jumble of exquisitely-controlled chaos. Subscribing to the age-old axiom of "excess is best" and "too much is never enough," the style enchants the mind and the eye with a hypnotic blend of African, Parisian and Equestrian-inspired themes and motifs threaded throughout every room.

The passionate style creates irresistible yet livable over-the-top drama and enthralling rooms of distinction. Through a ceiling-to-floor over embellishment of layers upon layers of exquisite and peculiar accessories, ornamentation and colors — an exceptionally entertaining design mix of opulently cheap to chi-chi and colossal as furnishings, artifacts, antiques, accessories, collectibles, curios and other fine objets d'art crowd each room, everywhere. The eye-popping style dismisses and defies all preconceived notions and perceptions of predictable, anemic interior decorating ideas.




The creative objective: no nook, cranny, or wall is left blank or bare, anywhere.
Fisher's policy: there's always room, somewhere, for a superabundance of beloved treasures, paintings, photos and mementos of a life well lived; always a space for anything else simply unforgettable, strikingly vivid and intoxicating to the eye. Details, details, and drenched with more details.

Ravishing, uncanny and confounding design applications, never before previewed, spill from every page, coupled with astonishing how-to design philosophy and real-life applications. Take heed. Vieux Carré Chic is not for the faint of heart. It is the antithesis, the nemesis, of all things and design schemes spar, bland, nondescript, boring; beige, white or minimalist. Here the amount of furnishings and artwork typically utilized in traditional space planning is doubled or quadrupled in volume, and sometimes more.

Want to buy, hunt for, keep, collect, squeeze and display more stuff, art, furniture, junk and keepsakes
Voilà, the answer, the antidote, is Vieux Carré Chic.

For those born to defy decorum and convention, to embrace what is taboo, the end result is tantalizing rooms alive with sway and splendor, filled with animal magnetism — seductive spaces that move, dazzle and confound people, invariably leaving an indelible impression like no style of decorating ever before encountered.


Vieux Carré Chic Author TJ Fisher in Palm Beach, Florida.


This set-design style of home décor takes one tumbling straight through the looking glass of the Hollywood-esque "big screen," deep into the rabbit-hole with intimate and intoxicating rooms — scenarios brimming and overflowing with such unexpected style, scale, proportions, dimensions, details, textures and colors; a seamless twirling kaleidoscope of chock-a-block contrasting elements.

Shopaholics, scavenger hunters and "obsessive accumulators" — those addicted to the ongoing thrill and challenge of prowling antique stores, flea markets, yard and garage sales — will especially adore the Vieux Carré Chic way of packing oodles of countless collectibles and curiosities into even the smallest of spaces.

Following her own set of rules,
Fisher 's interiors celebrate the exuberant, the embellished, and the over-the-top, her one-of-a-kind vision. This massive and stunning title is an overwhelming volume, a dazzling visual extravaganza, filled with rare rooms and small details that capture the imagination. Unimaginable interiors brimful of character exhibit the sumptuously intricate grandeur and pageantry of an exotic treasure hunt, as if tumbling down the rabbit-hole into wonderland.

TJ in her bathtub


SECRET NEW ORLEANS: TJ's zany humor & home design!
French Quarter confidential! Meet madcap author TJ Fisher! See Vieux Carré Chic style! Peer past tall brick walls and lush gardens.
Look beyond iron-lace gates. Come inside! TJ's Bourbon Street home!

"[TJ Fisher] LOVE HER LOVE HER LOVE HER! Here's a woman who knows how to enjoy life... and how to decorate. I sure do crave her monkey piano bench — so choice! Bless you all for keeping the N'awlins spirit alive." — Anonymous YouTuber

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"BLAD" sample design: Jedd Haas
Photography: Skip Bolen

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Are you a dreamer, a risktaker, who bucks tradition? Do you seek out the innovative and unusual? That which is enchanting? The drama-laced outré style of Vieux Carré Chic is for those who are not great believers in restraint; people who do not mind making heads turn. Controversial choices make for unforgettable rooms.

Vieux Carré Chic is a signature style for the bold and inventive, the outrageous and eccentric, those willing to intoxicate the senses with lush imagery, paying no heed to so-called boundaries. Conventional thinking and wisdom do not apply.


TJ Fisher's Vieux Carré Chic Design-Décor Style

"Gimme Shelter ... Beautification Inspiration ... Vieux Carré Chic: The Art of Overindulgent Home Décor ... a 'mad-hatter's mesmerizing jumble of exquisitely controlled chaos.' Loosely translated, that means interiors stuffed to the gills with everything from priceless antiques to dime-store kitsch." — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"A world of whimsical design ... Vieux Carré Chic is an unusual and appealing jukebox of artifacts that reflect passion for life ... a wonderlust of finds ... Is it a flicker of formality or that of fantasy? ... Museum artifacts or flea market finds? ... At first glance, themed rooms have a sense of formal grandeur. However, using a clever twist of witty artistry and humor, the appealing juxtaposition of artifacts now appears unconventional. Formal portraits in gallery style reveal a tamed wild posing in bonnets and bows ... Vieux Carré Chic's themed pictorial pages are bursting with delicious treasure troves reflecting great opulence, brilliance, humor and grandiosity.
So be enamored. Be enchanted." — DIANNE HARRIS, noted Australian and French Quarterite
style-setter and fashion design maven

"Coming ... Vieux Carré Chic: The Art of Overindulgent Home Décor." — MARTHA SHERIDAN,

"Morgana Press will publish ... [TJ Fisher's third book] Vieux Carré Chic: The Art of Overindulgent Home Décor." — JAN SJOSTROM, PALM BEACH DAILY NEWS

"Going wild ... cozy ... historic ... 'hideaway' ... an authentic chapter ... A preponderance of African-theme works of art and leopard-print fabrics in the decorating scheme ... affinity for the jungle look ... which is somewhat toned down by warm furniture and interior treatments ... is innate to [TJ Fisher] her personality."

"Architectural story ... period-style ... historic-style ... 1920s-style ... animal themes primitive yet relaxing."

"Wow! ... incredible ... different signature style ... nothing like it." — BERNARD ZYSCOVICH, AIA, internationally acclaimed architect; contributor to South Beach Style and Architecture and Real Urbanism

"This is incredible! ... I can't believe it ... the mix of antiques, art, kitsch, modern." — ROBERT LUCKY,
M.S. Rau Antiques

"Fabulous! ... unbelievable." HOME MAGAZINE

"Outrageous ... mind-blowing ... Whimsical madness! ... storyteller style."AT HOME, VINTAGE HOUSE

"Wow ... I love your house! ... Nothing like it ... I don't know where to look ... This should be in Architectural Digest. I would've never thought of that! ... It works! ... Why didn't I think of that? ... I can't wait to show my husband!" — New Orleans Home and Garden Tour

The 'Vieux Carré Chic: The Art of Overindulgent Home Décor' Morgana Press biography on author
TJ Fisher is as follows, courtesy of Morgana Press:

TJ Fisher is a distinctive French Quarter "force of personality," influenced and inspired by the city's unique persona and vivid character. The Vieux Carré Old Square is the historic French Quarter of New Orleans. Applying her signature path-breaking principles of unconventional and superabundant interior design, French Quarter-style, Fisher brings the inventive and brash heart, soul and eye of an avant-garde filmmaker/set designer to the adventurous art of panoramic home décor — Vieux Carré Chic.

In conjunction with Fisher's distinct personal passion and flair for astonishing high-octane interior decorating and space planning, combined with her avocation of home remodeling projects and the restoration of historic properties, she is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the Interior Design Society (IDS), and holds a certified general contractor's license.

A theatrical documentatrist, a guild writer/producer/director with a rare gift for transforming the elements of design into a swirling collage of creativity, Fisher divides her time between the Vieux Carré and Palm Beach, Florida. Although a native Floridian, the one-and-only home of her heart is Louisiana. Fisher says there is no place, spirit or people anywhere like her adopted hometown, New Orleans.

She is the award-winning author of 'Orleans Embrace,' the narrative portion of the 388-page commemorative edition 'The Secret Gardens of the Vieux Carré: The Historic French Quarter of New Orleans,' a hauntingly beautiful and potent memoir of New Orleans, a compelling story and pictorial combined. She also authored the critically acclaimed work 'Hearsay From Heaven and Hades: Secrets of Sinners and Saints' — a French Quarter lifestyle manual of provocative truisms and sayings.